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Lista Custom Drawer Interiors

Lista drawers, with their pioneering subdividing system, provide complete organization of drawer contents, right at the point of use. With our many drawer partitioning accessories, you can create custom compartments that provide complete protection – and systematic organization for all of your parts storage needs.

Lista drawers are subdivided using two basic accessories: partitions that divide the drawer into rows, and dividers that define compartments within the rows. Lista drawers feature full-height sidewalls, and with our full-height partitions and dividers, you can use the entire cubic capacity of your drawers for the highest density storage. With slots located at 21/32" intervals, you maximize drawer subdividing flexibility.

Use our free Lista Script software and easily create professional-looking labels for your drawer contents, including bar codes.

  • Slotted drawer partitions: divide drawers into narrow and/or wide rows by length or width
  • Aluminum drawer dividers: come in a variety of lengths and heights and slip into slots in drawer sidewalls and/or slotted drawer partitions; easily labeled with text and/or bar codes
  • Plastic boxes: ideal for storing small parts, these boxes are made of red high-impact polystyrene and slip in and out of drawers for easy loading and dispensing

Right-sized compartments. Using our partitions and dividers, subdivide a drawer into the exact-sized compartments you need to hold parts of diverse size and shape.

Removable plastic boxes. Convenient boxes, available in a number of different shapes and heights, can be removed to dispense or replenish small parts.

An almost unlimited number of ways to subdivide a drawer

Belts and suspenders. Store even large, irregular parts like gaskets and belts.