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Lista Shelf Cabinets

Use these enclosed shelf cabinets to efficiently store bulky parts and items that won't fit in drawers. Stack them on same-sized drawer cabinets – or pairs of drawer cabinets – so smaller drawer contents and larger shelf items can be stored and secured together.

  • Adjustable shelves: repositionable in 1" increments for greatest flexibility
  • Various heights, width and depths: shorter heights feature two adjustable shelves; taller heights feature three
  • Lockable door options: choose sliding, hinged or no door at all
  • Door lock: can be positioned at door bottom for easy access when stacked
  • Stacked or free-standing: use shelf cabinets as a stand-alone unit or stack them to make the most of your available cubic space
  • Optional work tops available: provides a convenient worksurface for a variety of tasks
  • Optional shelf dividers available: for a clean, finished appearance

Shelf cabinets with sliding doors. Stacked above drawer cabinets for convenient storage of items of diverse size and shape.

Shelf cabinets with hinged doors.