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Lista Integrated Service Bay and Workbench Solutions

Your service department is becoming an increasingly important profit center. You need service bays that look good, get the job done, and radiate professionalism in order to capture and retain not only your customers, but your skilled personnel, too. Unlike one-size-does-not-fit-all workbenches that are not built around your specific auto service department space and pace, Lista service bays can be custom configured with a range of drawer sizes, bases, worksurfaces, overhead hanging cabinets, and much more.

  • Durability: our workbenches have proven to stand up to the harsh punishment of daily use
  • Worksurface options: choose from a variety of sturdy, yet classy, worksurfaces including stainless steel, butcher block, and galvanized steel.
  • Productivity: your technicians perform more efficiently and productively when their efforts are supported by workbenches that provide plenty of room and optimal organization
  • Lockable cabinets: improve your service department's security, reduce shrinkage, and give technicians a place for secure personal storage with cabinets that lock
  • Above worksurface accessories: configure your workbench with overhead cabinets, shelving, computer display area and other accessories for the ideal workstation
  • Mobile carts: combine workbenches with durable mobile carts that safely store and transport tools and other items to the point of repair. Store them out of the way beneath the workbench when not in use.

Freestanding workbays. A grouping of Lista cabinets with just the storage and worksurface options needed at this dealership.

Counter-style workbenches. This Harley-Davidson service department uses long uninterrupted stainless steel counters with plenty of storage underneath.

Workbays with overhead storage. A combination of diverse cabinet pedestals, stainless steel worksurfaces and plenty of overhead cabinet storage.