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Lista Overhead Storage Cabinets

When you need to keep binders, manuals and other bulky items organized and accessible, but off the worksurface, Lista overhead cabinets do the trick. They're the ideal companions to our workbenches and drawer storage cabinets.

  • Roomy dimensions: 15" deep; 16" or 29" high; choice of 13 widths
  • Several lockable door options: sliding, hinged, retractable, with or without Plexiglas® window, or no doors
  • Flexible mounting: mount cabinets on a wall or attach to a stationary riser shelf
  • Adjustable shelves: 1.5" increments offer greatest positioning flexibility in 29" high cabinets; optional center shelf in 20" high cabinets
  • Cable management: cabinets offer unique cable management system for hiding wires, etc. and accessing work area below
  • Convenient workbench storage: also available as part of Nexus accessory system for above-worksurface storage

Stationary Riser Shelves

Stationary Riser Shelves are a convenient way of mounting overhead cabinets above a workstation or technician service bay. By using our stationary riser shelves, overhead cabinets don't need to be mounted to the wall. They offer the additional advantages of lighting options, keyboard tray, stainless backsplash, easier installation and the ability to incorporate power strips. Choose from full stainless steel or painted rear panel.

16" high overhead cabinets with retractable doors. Contents are easy to reach; retractable door slides back and out of the way.

29" high overhead cabinets with hinged doors. Mounted on Lista's Nexus Accessory System, easily combined with other above-worksurface accessory options.

Wall-mounted option. Overhead cabinets can also be mounted directly to a wall.