Lista fork truck base with stainless steel cover

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Lista Service Bay and Workbench Bases

Lista service department work bays and cabinets are available with a choice of options for where the bottom meets floor.

  • Fork truck base: choose from powder coated rust-resistant galvaneeled base or the same base with a stainless steel kick plate (shown above)
  • Stationary raised base with leveling: allows for easy cleaning below housing in areas where floors are often washed or where wet floors are an issue. Raises cabinet housing 4-9/16" above floor. Individual leg height is adjustable
  • Steel frame base: used to bring cabinets up to desired work height. Base is recessed 1-1/8" from the front of the housing

Powder coated rust-resistant galvaneeled base.

Stationary raised base with leveling.

Recessed frame base.