Lista Tall Garage

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Lista Tall Garage

From automotive service bays to potentially any benching application, the new Lista Tall Garage is a great addition to your workspace.

Easy access and uniformity are but a few of the great attributes this product has to offer.

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Features include:

  • Full-height door with locking capability to conceal and secure materials being stored
  • Optional clothing hanger rod / spool holder
  • Open bottom to allow for material to be rolled into unit for storage
  • Optional guide system for cart alignment. Standard carts. Runs along the interior side.
  • Uniformity among service bay products
  • Includes standard adjustable shelf
  • Optional stainless steel trim piece. Base option pending.

Freestanding workbays. A grouping of Lista cabinets with just the storage and worksurface options needed at this dealership.

Counter-style workbenches. This Harley-Davidson service department uses long uninterrupted stainless steel counters with plenty of storage underneath.

Workbays with overhead storage. A combination of diverse cabinet pedestals, stainless steel worksurfaces and plenty of overhead cabinet storage.